About The All Inclusive Playground

A former star linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers,
Andy Russell and his wife, Cindy, are frequent
visitors to the Susquehanna Valley and have
supported other local charities and causes in a
place they refer to as their third home base. “We
have many friends here, enjoy the community, and
are especially appreciative of the reception we’ve
enjoyed from so many over the past dozen years.
Being part of the All Inclusive Playground endeavor
is a modest way for us to give back to a community
we’ve come to love and value and we look forward to
working with many volunteers and supporters of the
playground,” Russell said.
The goal of this playground is to provide a rich play
space where children can grow and learn through
physical, sensory and social experiences.
The playground offers children graduated levels of
challenge to ensure that children of all ages are actively

Physical play benefits a child’s health. It promotes
early brain development and learning, as well as
decreases the risk of developing health conditions like
coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes,
obesity and many other chronic health conditions.

Physical play consists of…
• Swinging
• Sliding
• Climbing/Crawling/Strengthening
• Rocking, Balancing/Bouncing/Spinning
• Walking/Running/Rolling and Movement
with a Wheelchair

Sensory Play includes any activity that stimulates
a young child’s senses. It facilitates exploration
and naturally encourages children to use scientific
processes while they play, create, investigate
and explore.

Spending time stimulating their senses helps children
develop cognitively, linguistically, socially, emotionally,
physically and creatively.

The playground promotes tactile, auditory and
visual experiences, cozy/quiet places and interaction
with nature.

Sensory play consists of…
• Tactile (sense of touch)
• Auditory (stimulates a social, emotional
and intellectual responses)
• Visual and Cozy Spaces

Children interacting with others in play settings learn
social rules such as, give and take, reciprocating,
cooperation and sharing.

Interactions with children of different ages and social
stages learn to use moral reasoning to develop a
mature sense of values. The playground offers children
the opportunity to engage in social and pretend
play. It also allows children to work on skills such as,
listening, sharing and negotiating.

Social skills are the foundation for getting along with
others and will help children make friends, solve
problems, increase attentiveness, reduce bullying and
increase self-esteem. Children who are given a variety of opportunities to develop their creativity and imagination are learning to express their individuality in interests, abilities and knowledge.

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